Corporate Identity Guidelines

The Allard Foundation identity is composed of two distinct elements: the logo — including a symbol and wordmark — and the tagline (a legacy of caring).

The logo may be used with or without the tagline, however if the tagline is used, it should always appear in the location and proportion shown.

Corporate Colours

The official corporate colours are Pantone 2623 purple and Pantone 152 orange.

CMYK Applications

For 4–colour process reproduction:

  • Purple: C76 M100 Y0 K30.5
  • Orange: C0 M51 Y100 K0

RGB Applications

Convert the CMYK logo to RGB for online or digital applications.

Black or White (Reverse) Applications

The logo must appear solid when reproduced in black or white. Don’t outline or screen–tint any portion of the logo.

2–Colour Spot Applications

The 2–colour logo is designed for specialty offset printing materials including corporate stationery.

Minimum Size

Avoid use of the logo below 1″ width. Legibility and reproduction will suffer.